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You have tried everything else... now try Stage III Concepts and get off the merry go round of cable upgrades!


Stage III cables carry names common to mythology. I find that the naming fits the character and persona of these cables. Rare, powerful, and in many cases never before seen and heard! However, unlike the formidable mythological creatures, Stage III has one thing in common across it's line that is definitely true... they bring you closer to a live performance than ever before!

As one of only a few exclusive dealers for Stage III Concepts cables in the USA, I am offering in-home trial with any of my Demo inventory cables for buyers that are looking to audition cables that could be the last cables they will ever own. Stage III makes an extreme product that will equal, and in some systems, surpass the effect of changing an electronic component. Having had time with these cables as a dealer I have had the opportunity to test them in a variety of scenarios and gain a personal understanding of what they do.

Every salesmen and manufacturer is going to tell you their cables are the best for a variety of reasons. My objective is to present my honest opinion based on my own personal experience and then allow you to try the cables. These cables are very expensive and deservedly so. I know many people in this hobby believe that cables are snake oil or one can never justify the cost. This is a long debated topic in our industry and with respect I am not meaning to rekindle another conversation in that regard with this thread. I only know what cables of this magnitude do in my own demo systems and the differences are quite substantial and not at all subtle. I only have a limited quantity of Demo cables at this point. The financial commitment even with dealer discounts is quite considerable. I would not be surprised if I have to formulate a waiting list of sorts as I introduce this program. I will limit the evaluation period to 7 days plus shipping time both ways (we can work out the details with each other). The cost of these cables can be prohibitive as is the cost of many HiFi components but in my opinion, if you are searching for a product on an elite tier of what is possible, and you have the means, you owe it to yourself to give these consideration.

What do STAGE III cables do for your system?

These cables do all the things you would expect a reference level cable to do. They add detail, dynamics, improve bass, and reduce noise. So how are they different and why are they worth the cost? These cables add a sense of power and drive like no other cables I have heard. You will feel like your amps gained current and in that way you will feel like you upgraded your amps. On your sources and pre-amp you will feel like everything opened up and the sound stage went from feeling HiFi to more like a live performance. These cables keep the "sparkle" alive while doing all the things that many other great cables do. There are a lot of great cables out there. I am confident that Stage III deserves to take the podium with the ultra elite competition.

Materials, technology, and craftsmanship.

When you are asked to make this level of a financial commitment to a product, the materials, technology, and aesthetics come together and contribute to an overall pride in ownership. Stage III does not mass produce cables. Every cable is put together by hand utilizing only the best materials and the highest level of quality. They are researched, designed, and built here in the USA. From time to time I will feature individual cables on this thread and go into technical details specific to those cables. For now I will summarize some features of Stage III cables. These cables feature silver ribbon conductors and in some cases even add silver/palladium conductors. Special R&D was performed to determine cable geometry. Vacuum dielectrics are utilized and shielding is achieved with a variety of rare earth elements. The ends of the cables are amazing. Whether it be the custom, hand made, proprietary nylon fiber filled polymer/woven carbon fiber housings or the solid jewelry grade silver spades, no expense is spared. From the moment you actually pick up your first premium level Stage III cable you will understand that this is a serious proposition. The cable weight and feel exudes luxury. Just like several other elite cable lines it does take some planning to place Stage III in your systems. They will literally lift certain components off the shelf if they are not positioned properly.

What are you waiting for?

So if you have the means and are ready to take the plunge, contact me and I will help you get further down the road to audio nirvana.

In this hobby many people are looking for products that have earned a position of being irreplaceable. Others like to experiment and try new things. I have lived in both camps. I am NOT saying that this is the only cable line that can get you off the merry go round of upgrading....but I am confident that for many of you it just might be- it's just that good!!!

Learn more about Stage III Concepts cables on our featured webpage link below:


Deva Chandramohan

devAAudio (Owner)


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