I am the proud creator, owner, and CEO of devAAudio.  I started my company because I believe it is important for people to follow their passions in life.  I have been a physician practicing Radiology for over a decade.  Healthcare is a field with many ups and downs.  I have always been motivated by a sincere desire to help people.  

Music and audio systems have been my hobby passion since early childhood.  I have always been fascinated with audio technology and sound reproduction.  I still have many great memories from visiting HiFi shops as an adolescent, so many "wow" moments.  To me HiFi audio has become a fusion of art, entertainment, relaxation, and even meditation.  

For the past 25 years I have taken this hobby very seriously.  I have owned many different brands of audio gear at a variety of price points.  The journey has involved visiting many different audio dealers across the country as well as attending audio shows.  But the "real" learning has taken place over countless nights listening to different systems in my home while making slight but meaningful adjustments. This along with a variety of equipment upgrades led to incremental improvements in the overall sound of my music systems.  In order to get the most out of a system it takes desire, patience, interest, and attention to detail.  

There are so many amazing audio products and brands on the market.  I have selected brands I believe in not only because they sound and look great but also because of the quality people who represent these companies. This is very important because without manufacturer support the customer experience ultimately suffers.


My goal with devAAudio is to help you build a listening system you can be proud of.  One that will provide you with a clearer window to engage in the music you love.  Something you can share with your friends and family or simply just enjoy on your own.  I want to build long lasting relationships with my clients.  I am confident that once you come and listen to one of several audio demonstrations you will understand just how amazing the world of HiFi audio really is.  I am mostly by appointment which means you will have my full attention and it enhances my ability to put together more efficient demonstrations for you.  


I have spent my life giving care to others in the healthcare industry and now I also have the opportunity to provide people with entertainment that has the potential to bring happiness through art and music.  I am very excited!  Give me a call/text or shoot me an email.  I would appreciate the opportunity to say hello and to see if devAAudio can meet your needs.  Let me help you lift the veil off the music you enjoy so that you can rediscover and reconnect with the music you love.




Dr. Deva Chandramohan M.D. 


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Favorite Quotes:

"Family is everything"

"Make today the best day"

"Wake up, hustle, repeat"

"Live your dream"