Demo/used items

devAAudio offers special pricing on demo and used items. We will also consider trades toward new purchases. Please contact us via email, phone, or text if you are interested in any of the products below.

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Wilson Audio Alexia Series 1

All original packaging. 8/10 condition. Upgraded Galaxy Gray finish with black grills. Delivery and setup in the greater KC area can be arranged.  One of the best speakers of all time.  This was my personal pair. Tremendous value at the asking price. Available for immediate private audition at devAAudio in my reference demonstration space. 


Price: $25000.00

Sale: SOLD

MSRP: $54000.00 (upgraded color)

Wilson Audio Mezzo Convergent Synergy Center Channel

Wilson Audio Mezzo Convergent Synergy Center Speaker (Macadamia Brown) with black grills.  Very Nice dark color blends well with a variety of different speaker colors and home decor.  Crate, Kit, and packaging included.  

Price: Call for price

MSRP: $16,500.00 (upgraded color)

AudioQuest Wildwood 6ft Speaker Cable Pair with Spades

These are single owner and lightly used.  All original packaging. 8/10 condition. This was recently discontinued but prior to that was one level from the top "Wel Signature". These cables are an excellent value being offered at 45% off retail price (obo) 

Price: $7500.00 obo

Sale: $5600.00

MSRP: $14000.00

Wilson Audio Thors Hammer with Watch Controller

All original packaging.  The watch controller is certified pre-owned. Great condition world class subwoofer in beautiful Macadamia color.  Perfect drive units. Black Grills and black hardware. 

Price: Call for Price

MSRP: $29000.00