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USB Cables Make a difference!

I know there has been a lot of debate out there regarding whether or not the quality of USB cables make a difference. Well I’m here to tell you that they do. The difference is audible to the point where they can be separated into good, better, and best categories.

Shunyata Research a company that has made it’s reputation on producing quality audio products that are based on science and research in the study of reducing noise. They have three levels of USB cables (venom, alpha, and sigma). Each level has an audible difference in a revealing system.

Another company Stage III Concepts focuses on reference level cables. They use unconventional materials and special shielding with an exceptional fit and finish.

So how do you choose? You find a dealer willing to lend you a few cables to try or offer you the time needed to listen to a demo of these cables in a reference system in the store so you can decide which you prefer.

So do not underestimate the importance of the digital source cable in your system. It’s one of the most important components in your system. I would argue it is just as important in some regard as picking a more conventional component like a DAC. It matters that much! So don’t get discouraged by the costs associated with reference level USB cables. It’s probably one of the “lightest weight” greatest improvements on your journey to achieving great sound!



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