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Shunyata Research is the best value in Hifi!

With so many choices out there regarding cables and power products, how does one choose? This is an age old question with many different answers depending on who you ask. Some cables sound bright and some sound dark or warm. Some are fast and some are more relaxed. Some claim to increase bass and others claim to increase speed. Many dealers talk about matching cables with speakers and electronics. They advise tweaking and fine tuning sound preferences with cables. I’m not here to debate these things. I’m hear to make it easy for you. Actually, to be more accurate I’m here to tell you about Shunyata Research.

I’ve listened to and owned my fair share of audio products over the past 25 years. No other company has left me scratching my head in disbelief the same way as Shunyata.

They produce extremely consistent and well made high quality products across their entire range. Their products sound very good. And to top it off, they steal the show in regard to their price to performance ratio.

Caelin Gabriel, the founder of Shunyata, has used his military science background and a special creative team to create a plethora of audio products that can share the stage with some of the most expensive audio products out there. It’s a given that “cost no object” engineering definitely has its place, and there are some products that live in this audio paradise that definitely push what is possible to the very edge of disbelief. But for most people these types of products are out of reach. This is where Shunyata comes to the rescue. Through their science, engineering, and methodology for manufacturing they are creating some of the finest products at a much more down to earth price point. What I really love about them is the fact that it is so easy to recommend their Alpha Series (middle of the line) products across the board for any system regardless of price. Of course their Sigma Series (Top of the line) is better, but the Alpha Series is a jaw dropping, awe inspiring value in high end audio. This includes the signal cables and power cords.

Turning attention to power... most audiophiles have already heard about the Shunyata Denali power distributors. Many forums compare these to products costing twice as much or even more. I have written about the importance of establishing a power distribution foundation in your system in another blog entry so I won’t go into too much detail here. Suffice it to say, the Denali is an easy recommendation and pretty much a no brainer in a HiFi system. Going up from here is again an option for an elite few but is definitely subject to the law of diminishing returns.  The Denali is just that darn good!

I am so fortunate to have found my way to Shunyata Research products. If you pair the price-to-performance excellence of their products with the outstanding people that run the company, the combination stands out as one of the more rarity’s you will find in HiFi audio. I highly recommend auditioning their products in your system today!


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