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Why high end audio makes sense now!

We live in an era where purchasing high end audio finally makes practical sense. There are some common excuses that people give that prevent them from buying high end listening systems. I am here to debunk those excuses.

Excuse #1

I don't have time to build a music collection or to shop for CD's and Records.

With the digital audio revolution, accessing high quality music has never been simpler. A simple streamlined approach is to combine an Aurender music player with a Tidal music subscription. Aurender manufactures high end digital audio music players/servers/streamers. You simply download the Aurender conductor app on an ipad followed by logging into Tidal through the conductor app and suddenly thousands of song tracks are at your finger tips. From here everything is intuitive. The album, artwork, and track information is easily presented. You search for music by genre, artist, song title, artist name, etc. You view preselected playlists and easily make playlists of your own. You can even share play lists with your friends. The conductor app is reliable and easy to navigate/operate. So, as you can see, you have no more excuses for not having enough music to justify a high end system. The streaming quality is excellent. If you are technically inclined, read about MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). With the correct equipment in place, it is truly amazing sound.

Excuse #2

I can't hear a difference between a regular system and a high end system...

This is my favorite excuse that I hear from people. I’ll share a story with you from an industry expert. He had a customer with handicapped hearing that visited his high end store. He was wearing external hearing aids on both ears and had difficulty hearing him at introduction. He asked to audition several HiFi systems. The store was setup with several listening spaces and a range of equipment at a variety of cost points. He spent the better part of a day moving around and listening to various things. By the end of the day, the gentlemen purchased the most premier and highest end system that the store offered. The salesmen asked the gentlemen what it was about the reference system that made him want to purchase it? He responded “I know I can’t hear that well but my grand daughter is a concert pianist and she plays music in her house on a large Steinway grand piano. The system I want to buy sounds the most similar to hearing her play live.” This helps us understand that hearing is relative to the individual. The benefits of a high end system cannot be denied. A well constructed high end audio system provides improved dynamics and sound. How much better and whether or not the differences are worth it is up to the individual. But those that say they can’t hear any difference probably haven’t spent time listening to a true premier high end system.

Excuse #3

High end audio systems are just too expensive.

The point of entry can be quite variable in high end audio systems and working with a dealer, you can usually find a way to put together a very good system over time. Many people that use the expense excuse have the financial means to purchase very nice systems. These people often buy other luxury products like exotic/luxury cars, boats/yachts, planes, luxury personal accessories, jewelry/watches, limited edition artwork, rare wine bottles, or collect a variety of rare expensive items. This type of person definitely has the means to enter into the world of high end audio. The adult toy box is full of many guilty pleasures and I would suggest high end audio be included!

Too often people focus on home theaters and ignore high end music spaces in their homes. This has to do with perception. People with the financial means tend to feel that high end audio is only for audiophiles and audio enthusiasts. But lets be honest... who doesn’t really enjoy good music? In the modern era everyone is pressed for time in one way or another. A quality listening system is a great way to relieve stress. One of my favorite sayings is “music is my meditation.” Music brings people together. It makes you smile. It is another way you can share moments with your spouse or family. It can help you remember something or someone. It can help you appreciate artists. It can tell a story. I could go on and on... Listening through a high end system enhances all of music's positive attributes.

Excuse #4

I don't want a bunch of big ugly equipment in my home.

I understand your concerns. However, you need to realize that the aesthetic value of high end audio components in the modern era cannot be denied. In today’s marketplace the fit and finish of audio gear matters. Manufacturers understand this more than ever. I liken many high end audio products to pieces of art. They can augment interior design and provide a luxurious statement all the while providing the practical purpose of creating awesome sound. Colored carbon fiber cabinets and a variety of luxurious wood finishes on speakers integrate well with most home living environments. Electronics constructed with luxurious metals and acrylics come together with high end beautifully crafted audio furniture and cabling. Stop trying to hide away the music in your walls. Pick a beautiful system that integrates with your home design and let the open architecture of the system supplement the musical experience in your home.

So in summary, the time is now to purchase a high end audio system. We are talking about creating masterful luxurious listening spaces that give you a live performance or studio type listening experience in the comfort of your own home. In our busy lives what more could you ask for? It's time to take the plunge. Find your nearest audio dealer and go experience a high end listening system. You will thank me later.


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