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The foundation is power...

For a long time now, I have pondered in what order should one proceed to build a listening system?  Furthermore, which component of the system makes the "biggest" difference?  Depending on who you talk to the answer is often split between speakers and source.  A purist will argue that even the greatest speakers of all time are worth very little if the source is not up to the task.  On the other hand, a pragmatist will look at the speaker as the actual purveyor of the musical experience.  The truth is, everything in a system obviously contributes to the sum of its parts. Too often I see systems with incredible electronics and speakers but little to no attention to Power Distribution and Power Cabling.  In addition, many dealers out there have insisted for years that these types of power products cannot enhance the audio listening experience.  In the modern era this is just not true.  Fortunately, many audiophiles are starting to finally understand that Power is the fuel that runs the audio engine.  I liken it to the foundation upon which a great system is built.  Good power products literally stabilize and energize the sound field.  They are very much essential components in high fidelity systems.  If you have not experienced how a good quality power cord and power distributor can influence your music listening experience, you owe it to yourself to get out there and try some of these products out.  Skepticism must be met with first hand experience to turn disbelief into reality.  



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