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Furutech "ncf" is a hifi "no brainer"

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Furutech manufactures high fidelity audio cables and accessories.  NCF is a technology they have implemented in a variety of their products that specifically improves dampening to reduce noise and vibration effects and therefore improves the sound of your audio system.  NCF stands for “Nano Crystal Formula”.  

More details regarding the NCF technology can be found on furtech’s website at the following link: 

So what differences can you hear in your system with products that utilize NCF?  What I have noticed is overall increased clarity.  Anytime you reduce noise and vibration you improve the way the sound is reproduced.  With increased clarity there is really no appreciable downside.

Furutech has implemented NCF in a variety of products.  Some are probably in the category of “Tweaks” such as the Booster products.  Others are in my opinion foundational products to an audio system such as the power outlet receptacle (GTX-D NCF R).  They even make an NCF outlet cover that not only looks amazing but adds additional noise reduction.  See the links below for specifics.

The improvements from the NCF power outlet receptacles and wall plates are pretty much a no brainer investment in any high fidelity system in my opinion.  


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