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Wilson Audio Submerge Subwoofer

Found deep in the groves of your favorite LPs, and concealed in the soundtrack of the movies you can't wait to watch, is the critical low-frequency information that provides the the sense of space of the recorded music hall and the impact of the explosions the movie hero narrowly escapes. Submerge reveals the tension and sonic foundation below the surface of your audio experience. 


Advanced Enclosure Technology

Our precision-engineered and handcrafted X-Material enclosures, paired with an S-Material front baffle, bring you a level of vibration control that's simply without equal in the center channel market. Every note, every whisper, every thunderous explosion is delivered with unparalleled clarity and authority.


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Wilson Audio Submerge Subwoofer

  • Wilson Audio products are available in-store only and are special order. Please contact us for assistance. These products come in a variety of standard and upgraded color options. 

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