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Shunyata Research Theta XC C15 Power Cable

Shunyata Research Theta XC C15 Power Cable


No category of cables better expresses the profound difference Shunyata Research technology makes than it’s superior series of Digital cables, swiftly adopted as reference by the world’s pre-eminent digital component manufacturers and recording studios. The definable science within our digital cable range explains why retailers and listeners from around the world regard them as the finest products in their class.


Theta Series signal, digital, and power cords were created using scientific innovation that has established Shunyata Research as a key contributor to the world's top recording studios and heart-surgery labs. Each component, material, and consuctor within the Theta Series is custom-designed to extend the boundaries of signal resolution, even when compared to cost-no-object products. Theta Series products further expand upon Shunyata Research's legacy of delivering uncompromising performance at prices that raise expectations for ALL products in their categories.


1.75 M Priced


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Shunyata Research Theta XC C15 Power Cable

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