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"Music is my meditation"

Music is my Meditation...  this is more than my "slogan", it is the driving force behind the creation of devAAudio.  I want to bring people back to an audio experience that connects with their emotions and helps them relax and enjoy life.  

In the modern era people constantly have things on their minds.  It is so difficult to disconnect from the constant noise in our brains that keep us distracted.  Even as you are reading this, your mind is more than likely running around thinking of a lot of different things.  Some people refer to this as our inner voice or inner speech.  Just as your body needs sleep to recover, you also need to find ways to rest your mind while awake.  This is the basis behind meditation.  

Listening to music is one way that you can focus and clear your mind. A HiFi system can enhance your ability to focus and emotionally connect to the music. Why HiFi over a small bluetooth speaker in the corner?   With a quality HiFi system you don't just hear the music.  You feel the music.  This is an important distinction.  When artists record in a studio or engineers record live performances they often put a lot of time and effort into maximizing the audio quality and nuance of the artistic creation.  You need a HiFi system to appreciate these artistic choices.  Take this example:  You wouldn't get the same feeling by looking at a Picasso on your iphone as you would when you see the real thing... audio is similar.  HiFi systems make music sound and feel more real.  This creates an almost meditation type environment.  So aside from the fact that a quality listening system provides entertainment, it also provides real tangible health benefits.

So start listening to music.  Make it a part of your lifestyle.  Listen with your family members and friends.  Music is an international language.  It brings people together.  Spend the time trying to bring others into HiFi.  It's worth the effort.  



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