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Aurender acs10

The Aurender ACS10 eliminates the reliance upon computers for the management of digital music files. One-touch CD Ripping with metadata and cover art retrieval!

Easy-to-use metadata editing application for easily correcting metadata or modifying to suit your sorting requirements.

Please read the review by Chris Connaker just posted on Audiophile Style.

From the review.... ACS10 is for you if:

*You value simplicity over ultimate configurability

*You like the Aurender ecosystem

*You value high end customer support

*You prefer to keep traditional computers out of your HiFi life

*You have an Aurender server and want more storage

*You have an Aurender server and want better library management and metadata editing and CD Ripping and NAS-type storage

*The acronym NAS is something about which you have no desire to learn

*You've tried a few other digital HiFi solutions and given up due to complexity

*You have many compact discs to rip and prefer not to spend the rest of your life ripping them.

In my personal opinion the Aurender ACS10 is one of the best source components for a HiFi listening system!



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