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Our next In The Music Room listening event with Bob Walkenhorst, scheduled for November 8th, has sold out! Our first ever, and it took just 48 hours. Bob has graciously agreed to a SECOND night at devAAudio, for Thursday, Nov 9th. Just 25 tickets will be sold, seating is limited. Grab a ticket and come hear Bob play tracks from new release "My Version of the Story", [release date Nov 1st] through our world class high fidelity audio system. Be one of the first to hear it in it's finest fidelity, and hear his stories behind the story of His Version of the Story! Tickets are $20 for this truly unique experience with the artist.

Get your tickets here

Hifi audio

devAAudio is here to help you build a listening system you can be proud of. One that will provide you with a clearer window to engage in the music you love. Something you can share with your friends and family or simply just enjoy on your own. We want to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Once you come and listen to one of several audio demonstrations you will understand just how amazing the world of HiFi audio really is. We don't just sell audio equipment, we sell an audio experience.


"If you have an appreciation for listening to music through the finest components ever crafted, you will absolutely love your experience at devAAudio... I will, honestly, remember this experience for the rest of my life."

— Paul L., M.D.

The Audio Blog

This is meant to be a fun and friendly Audio Blog for learning and discovery in the genre of HiFi. 

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Visit our HiFi audio store during showroom hours below, or contact us to schedule a private listening session. 

devAAudio is a dealer for Wilson Benesch loudspeakers, Wilson Audio loudspeakers, KEF Reference speakers, Bluesound, Dan D'Agostino, Ypsilon Electronics, Aurender, Berkeley Audio Design, Mytek, NAD Electronics, Rega Research, Shunyata Research, Audioquest, Stage III Cables, Stillpoints, HB Cable Design, Symposium Acoustics, Acoustic Sciences Corporation and other HiFi Audio for sale in the greater Kansas City region. 

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