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Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated
Product Features:

• $25,000 (SV) Standard Version
• $50,000 (SE) *Silver Edition

Silver wound transformers, silver internal wire, silver connectors

- Transparent sounding transformer attenuator
- Only three gain stages, one of them the active preamp stage

with tubes
- Unique “bridged single-ended” output stage biased in class A
- Full function remote control


PHAETHON integrated amplifier is a unique product in many

aspects. It uses many of the technical solutions developed in our Aelius monoblock amplifier and PST100mk2 preamplifier in a

compact and elegant design.


PHAETHON is a hybrid line level amplifier utilizing only three

active gain stages, two of them with low noise valves operating in single-ended class A fashion for the input and driver stage. It uses a transformer attenuator build in-house, embedded in the

preamplifier section in a novel post attenuation technique.

The tube driver stage is coupled to the output stage with a wide

bandwidth inter-stage transformer that provides perfect phase

splitting for the output stage.


The output stage combined by same polarity semiconductors for both phases in a “balanced single-ended architecture” offers the

flavor of pure single-ended designs with the power of push-pull



There are separate power supplies for the tube and output stage utilizing five power supply inductors for low noise filtering.

All these were designed into one to operate in unison offering

unmatched sound quality, making the platform of the integrated

amplifier, a clear advantage.


All functions are remote controlled and are visible through a high quality LCD display with large characters so it can be read from

across the room.



The Absolute Sound's 2017 Golden Ear Award


The Absolute Sound's 2017 Product Of The Year Award


Product Specifications:

Output Power:
110 wpc rms/8 Ohm
160 wpc rms/4 Ohm

-3 db @ 11Hz-75Khz

Output Impedance:
0.05 Ohm

Input Impedance:
47K Ohm


RCA (x3)
XLR (x1) unbalanced

6H30 (x2)

Power Consumption:
125W at Idle

15.8 x 16.7 x 7.3"  (WxDxH)

77 lbs.

Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated

  • Ypsilon Electronics are special order items. We do not hold new inventory. Average wait times are 2 to 3 months as these are hand built in Greece. Please contact us to place an order. Based on the unique nature of these products additional shipping charges may apply.

  • We are here to help you. Please contact us for questions or to assist you with a purchase. Our products are unique and the buying experience, along with the delivery process, can be tailored to meet your needs. 

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