Wilson Benesch Torus + Amp
Torus + Amp
Product Features:

Standard Finishes: $12,900
Piano Black


The Torus places an 18” light-weight, super-stiff, multi-axial

Carbon Fibre cone at the end of a phenomenally powerful

push-pull motor. Unlike a common subwoofer that relies upon a

high hysteresis suspension to reset the cone to zero, the cone

position in the Torus is dictated at all times by electromagnetism. The result is low frequency sound with absolute precision and integration across the frequency range.


At the heart of the Torus is the core, a formidable 35.2 pound

precision machined steel column, with the two large rare earth

magnets of the push-pull motor either side. The core is the

reference point for every other component in the design, acting

both to focus structural borne resonance directly to earth with

zero reference to the outer enclosure and also a high capacity

heat sink.


In the Torus, where huge amounts of low frequency energy are

generated, thermal efficiency is a critical concern. In addition to

the steel core, Wilson Benesch developed a Boron Nitride coil in

collaboration with Oxford University. Boron Nitride offers the high electrical conductivity required by any coil design, but its thermal conductivity supersedes that of copper by several orders of



The elegant and minimal toroidal shape of the Torus is a

testament to the use of purist geometry in every component.

Whether it be often earth shattering low frequencies in a home

cinema, or the attack and dynamics of a drum solo, the Torus

never misses a beat or fails to deliver the physical impact that we know and love of low frequency sound.


"Adding the Torus transforms the timing and integration of the

instruments. The picked melody is more fluid, quicker and more

sinuous, the snare more snappy and insistent, the space around

the instruments much more apparent, with walls and a floor.

Suddenly the music takes on a feeling of underlying urgency that dovetails perfectly with the lyrics”

Roy Gregory, HIFI+ Magazine, 2008

Product Specifications:

- Precision machined MDF cabinet with steel bracing
- Sealed enclosure
- Super low compliance suspension

- 18 inch carbon fibre diaphragm
- Diameter: 17.7 inch
- Height: 12.9 inch
- Weight: 70.5 pounds
- Internal volume: 24L

- Impedance: 8 ohm per coil (can be wired in series or parallel)
- Frequency response: 10Hz - 150Hz
- Peak: -6dB at  18Hz
- Sensitivity: 100dB at  1 metre
- Biwireable
- 1000W peak program

- Black piano gloss cabinet
- Black anodised linished terminal block
- High gloss carbon fibre diaphragm
- Polished chrome anodised exterior pole component

Wilson Benesch Torus + Amp

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