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Wilson Benesch Fulcrum Center Channel
Product Features:

Standard Finishes: $10,500

Bespoke Finishes: $400


Built to match the style and performance of the Geometry Series speakers; the Fulcrum 650 offers the Home Cinema Enthusiast

the power and accuracy of the new Geometry Drive Technologies. Beautifully crafted and hand built in Britain, the Fulcrum

seamlessly blends into the electric sound-stage, presenting clear dialogue and a powerful soundtrack immersing you in the movie

experience like never before.


Housing two Tactic-II Drive Units, flanked by a single Semisphere Tweeter, the power of the small cabinet is phenomenal. When one considers that typically 80% of the energy being delivered in any Cinema system is the work of the Center channel, then it goes

without saying that the strength of any system is only as strong as the performance of its center.


The structural engineering in the Fulcrum is taken directly from

the Geometry philosophy. The huge volume of air afforded by the A.C.T. Monocoque, Carbon Fibre shell structure ensures that each Tactic-II drive unit will deliver on its promise while achieving the

lowest possible level of noise. Sound propagation will remain

stealthy and virtually diffraction free. Immersed in real sound, the

listener can lose themselves in the Soundtrack of the cinema like never before.

Product Specifications:

- (1) 1 inch Wilson Benesch Semisphere tweeter
- (1) 7 inch Wilson Benesch Tactic II mid-range drive unit
- (1) 7 inch Wilson Benesch Tactic II bass drive unit

- Poly-alloy hybrid construction
- High performance carbon composite A.C.T. monocoque
- Mid-range ported enclosure
- Bass ported enclosure

- 2.5-way stand mounted monitor
- Impedance: 6 ohm nominal / 4 ohm minimal
- Sensitivity: 89dB at 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V input
- Frequency response: 40Hz - 30KHz +/- 2dB on-axis
- Minimum amplification power recommendation: 100 W /

- Crossover frequency: 500Hz / 5kHz

- Height: 9.8 inch / 33.5 inch (with stand)
- Width: 24 inch
- Depth: 12.2 inch
- Volume: 25L
- Weight: 46.3 pounds / 72.8 pounds (with stand)

- Anodised black baffle
- High gloss satin weave carbon fibre cabinet
- High gloss black acrylic ends
- Satin black stand
- Bespoke cheek options - see... FINISHES

Wilson Benesch Fulcrum Center Channel

  • Wilson Benesch products are special order. Please contact us for assistance. These products come in a variety of standard and upgraded color options. 

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