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Wilson Audio Alexia V

Wilson Audio Alexia V


Excellence in all things.


Wilson Audio’s engineering team is always evaluating and refining major hardware components in the search for breakthroughs that serve the music. A few more of the upgrades found in Alexia V: • Included with Alexia V is a complete set of Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. An all-new spike system launched with Alexx V, which has been completely upgraded from our standard spike system, and features a novel combination of austenitic stainless steel and V-Material. This coupling system was created by Wilson Audio’s Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) division and has superlative vibration management that reveals far greater dynamic nuances across the entire frequency spectrum. • Resistor mounting hardware is now attached to carbon fiber and angled in such a way for a more beautiful presentation and ease to work with. • The improved and aesthetically appealing external cable dressing solution. • A new stylized alignment “staircase” block has been developed for ease of visibility during installation. • The woofer port has been improved to increase laminar flow. • Mid enclosure internal volume was increased 6.4% to allow a more open sounding midrange. The woofer enclosure internal volume is now 8.9% larger compared with Alexia Series 2 creating deeper low frequency reproduction and faster transient settling. • Refined internal midrange wave diffusers allow faster midrange settling. • There is now an integrated Bubble Level on the top of the woofer cabinet which makes leveling the loudspeaker much easier and more convenient


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Wilson Audio Alexia V

  • Wilson Audio products are available in-store only and are special order. Please contact us for assistance. These products come in a variety of standard and upgraded color options. 

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