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Wilson Benesch Speakers... Sound like?

It can be daunting to try and explain what something sounds like.  It's just like trying to describe a piece of art without being in front of it.  Music is a personal experience and as such, individuals connect differently to different sounds.  Having said that, there are certain qualities about sound production that can be useful to understand.  I feel loud speakers do more to influence the overall sonic signature of music than any other component in a system.  Wilson Benesch speakers to me sound very good.  Words that comes to mind when listening through Wilson Benesch speakers are: balance, texture, musicality, and ambience.  There is little to no listener fatigue.  They are strong performers at all volume levels.  They provide a window to emotionally connect with the music.  "Music is my meditation" and Wilson Benesch speakers are an integral part of that belief.  



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