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ELectrocompaniet...shhh... Hidden Gem!

Electrocompaniet, the Norwegian company, is a hidden jewel in the audio industry.  No other brand that I have auditioned in my reference system has been able to come close to producing the overall musicality that Electrocompaniet has achieved for anywhere close to the price point.  The mere fact that an amplifier as modest as the stereo AW250R (retail $6899.00) paired with the EC-4.8 Reference Dual Mono Pre-amp (retail $3999) can play beautiful, dynamic, and full sounding music with some of the best known reference level speakers in the $30000 to $75000 price range is an astonishing feat.  Their outward aesthetic design is wonderfully balanced and beautiful across all of their products.  Before becoming an Electrocompaniet dealer I personally owned an AW250R for many years.  It is a pinnacle power amp for anyone truly interested in pure musical satisfaction.  Yes...for those of you with the means there are definite improvements when you move on to amplifiers and electronics at a different order of magnitude regarding cost.  But if you are trying to build a system and respect a certain budget, the value that Electrocompaniet brings to the table is truly amazing.  For toe-tapping, music loving, audio enthusiasts, Electrocompaniet should be on your short list to audition.  I believe that speakers affect what a system sounds like more than any other component.  I know this is controversial but I'm putting it out there because it's what I truly believe.  Having said that, get the best speakers you can afford and then pair them guilt free with Electrocompaniet electronics!  You will be very happy and musically satisfied.


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