devAAudio Present HiFi Night with David Basse: 2021 The Year in Jazz

2021: The Year In Jazz

A Retrospective by David Basse

In support of the Kc Jazz Ambassadors

Local Kansas City music legend, singer, drummer, and nationally syndicated radio broadcaster will be at devAAudio, to play his curated listed of the best new jazz recordings on a truly world-class HiFi system.

David will regale ticket attendees with stories and thoughts about the music, and the musicians behind these amazing recordings.

Just 25 tickets will be offered at $25. Proceeds to benefit The Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors, Inc., Incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 1984, was created as part of the Kansas City Jazz Commission by then Mayor Richard L. Berkley, and is the city’s oldest nonprofit governed by an operating board of volunteers. A majority of the proceeds from KCJA fundraising efforts go directly to our Musician’s Assistance Fund (MAF) and the Tommy Ruskin Memorial Scholarship Fund, with a small portion going to help operate the all volunteer non-profit organization.

Masks will be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you for supporting the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors, and both the musicians and drummers who create the musical art we enjoy.